Art is a very important part of our life, to maintain traditional representations and styles. It is still in the tradition to represent many of the desert Dreamings stories, and the sand paintings have been replaced by paintings on canvas and new styles like dot paintings and X rays styles are the most popular modern art styles based on traditional Dreamings and totemic representations.

Symbols used within paintings include concentric circles, curved lines and straight lines. Concentric circles usually represent camp sites, waterholes or places of significance. Curved lines generally represent rain or water travelling underground. Straight lines may be indicative of travelling and when these lines join concentric circles it may show the pathway travelled by the ancestors. A small "U" shaped figure may represent a person and depending on the iconography next to the person determines whether it is male or female.


Tracks, whether human or animal, are often shown as they appear on the ground. Lizards and snakes are frequently seen from a topographical view - as one would see them from above. 

Dotted motifs and design work have become the trademark of the contemporary Aboriginal Art movement.

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We acknowledge The First Nations Peoples of Australia as the traditional custodians of the land in which we live and work