The Rainbow Serpent

The snake dreaming in my paintings depicts the story of the snake, a rainbow serpent, as the the protector of country around Boggy Hole, NT.


As visitors travel through the sandy Finke River and Palm Valley to get to Boggy Hole, part of the Finke National Gorge.


As the protector, the rainbow serpent overlooks the country so that visitors can respectfully come to learn the lores and customs of Boggy Hole. The stories and connection to country surrounding Boggy Hole is sacred to individual family groups. It is respectfully understood where the boundaries start, and where they end for the different family groups. This story is also sacred to the us, and other family groups who have strong ties with the area through ceremony, song and dance. This custom is still practiced today.


In present day, Traditional Owners from surrounding areas of the Finke National Gorge regularly discuss with the Land Councils on ways how to manage and keep the country safe, and strong for future generations.

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We acknowledge The First Nations Peoples of Australia as the traditional custodians of the land in which we live and work